VOŠ, OA, SPgŠ a SZŠ Most

Responsible authority:
Title: Higher College of Business Studies, Social Work and Healthcare, Business Academy, Secondary Pedagogical School and Secondary Healthcare School Most, contributory organisation
Address: Zdeňka Fibicha 2778/20, 434 01 Most
Institution ID number: 108006972
ID numbers: 49872427
Telephone: 417637477
E-mail: skola (at) vos-sosmost.cz
Data box: zcivy9b
WWW: http://www.vos-sosmost.cz
School Management: Headteacher: Ing. Jitka Hašková,

Deputy headteacher: PhDr. Věra Potužáková, responsible for secondary school,

Deputy headteacher: Ing. Bc. Ivana Drážďanská, responsible for higher college

Deputy headteacher: Ing. Zdeněk Paďourek, responsible for secondary school

Deputy headteacher: PaedDr. Bc. Soňa Valušková, responsible for higher college and for secondary school